One of the biggest challenges when bidding construction projects is finding out whether or not your customer is going to use your number. This might be for a job you’re quoting directly to an owner, or a proposal you are sending to a contractor who is going to quote THEIR customer a price.

Both scenarios are very similar, but your follow-up questions will be slightly different. This post will focus on the latter situation (quoting to a contractor who is quoting to their customer).

Let's do a little role play follow-up call. 

After you send your customer a quote, you follow up with a phone call (the sooner the better- MUCH more content on this coming soon). 

You might say, "Hi customer, just wanted to make sure you got our proposal and that everything looked good."

Your customer's response might sound something like, "Yep! Everything looked great. Thanks. I'm going to put this bid together and will send it over to the owner."

Now what? You have your customer ON THE PHONE with your proposal in-hand. This is right where you want to be. Now how do you close the deal?

First of all, you've learned absolutely nothing up until this point, except that your customer's email is working. 

So what is the next step? Short from asking straight up, "Are you using our number?", (which you might eventually have to do) how do you find out where you stand?

Here is the million dollar question: "How can we help you close the deal?" Notice the "help YOU" close the deal. And notice it is NOT a yes or no question. 

Two BIG things happen with this question:

  • #1. You are asking a question that NO ONE else is asking. You have now set yourself apart from 99% of your competitors. And the good news, is if they ARE using your number, you can spend the rest of the call strategizing on how to close the deal.
  • #2. If your customer was NOT planning on using your number (and said the proposal looked good to avoid hurting your feelings) this SHOULD get the first objection on the table. "Well, to be honest, I think we're going to have to go with your competitor". 

If the second scenario happens, this is actually GREAT news. Don't lock up. Don't get angry. Be professional. This job that you just spent a week bidding- you are now "in the close". This is a good thing! You will either win the job or learn!

Okay, so at this point, you can ask, "Oh really? How come?", making sure you sound SINCERELY confused that they aren't using your number. 


The goal at this point is to make sure that you DRILL DOWN TO THE REAL OBJECTION, because professional buyers are REALLY good at using stalls.

Once you find out WHY your customer wasn’t planning on using you, find out how you can make it work for them. And if you can’t, hopefully you’ve learned what you need to do next time to earn the business!

After the call, don’t forget to ask your customer “what else are you working on?” to get another lead in the pipeline!

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