I was flipping through a thread in a sales group I’m in on Facebook, and stumbled on a question someone posted and it got me thinking. 

The question was whether or not to be worried about a customer complaint they received because they didn’t have their cell phone voicemail set up. The person in question said he would rather do business over text. 


News alert if you didn't already know this: Your customers don't care how YOU want to do business. They care how THEY want to do business.

In this case you might consider having an outgoing message that identifies yourself and your company, and then gives your customer a phone number to call if they need immediate assistance. 

Which leads us to: What question should you be asking yourself when you are making business decisions?

“How does this (new process, new service, new product) make doing business with us easier?”

If the answer is “it doesn’t really make it easier”, then don't do it!

Another variation could be: "How does this benefit the customer?"

Anytime you are making small or major changes, updating your website, adding products or services, ask yourself these two questions. 

If everything you do benefits the customer or makes doing business with you easier, you will win. 

And then you can watch your sales blow up.