If you think your company is hyper clear about who your ideal customer is, try running this quick test. Send a few people on your team a note, and ask them, “In ONE sentence, who is our ideal customer? And who is NOT our ideal customer?”

If everyone responds with the same exact answer, you are in great shape. 

Here is another test. Ask yourself, HONESTLY, are you turning away customers and opportunities frequently? If you bid everything that hits your desk, chances are you are wasting a lot of your time on opportunities that are not a good fit for you.

One of the biggest challenges that we have as sales people or business operators is saying NO to new business. It is extremely difficult, for obvious reasons. And if you don’t know who your IDEAL customer is, or what your IDEAL project is, you are going to be spending WAY too much time chasing prospects and deals that you WON’T CLOSE. 

Why won’t you be closing them?

Because if they aren't a great fit for you, you probably won't have a competitive advantage. And when there is NOT a differentiator at play, the deal becomes all about price. And, since you are reading this, I know you are not the Walmart brand of your industry. 

If you don’t already have this done, create a section in your sales process that describes, IN DEPTH, your ideal customer.

Make sure that everyone on your team provides their input on this so they have full buy in. 

Once you know who your IDEAL customer is, you can THEN make sure that your value proposition is actually VALUABLE to your customers. 

Here is your short action item list:
1. Get hyper clear about who your IDEAL customer is
2. Write it down
3. Build your business around that customer type
4. Watch your business grow

Does your company have this set up? How can we help?

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Brad Telker
Director of Commercial Sales at cfm Distributors, Inc.

Brad joined the cfm team in 2006, and now as the Director of Commercial Sales, he focuses on business development, as well as helping contractors and engineers find creative and unique solutions to any size project. When he’s not at work, Brad enjoys photography, running and spending time with his family.