If you ask people what was the most fun part of their life, many would say their college years, or when they were first out on their own and feeling like they could take care of themselves.

Why such a fondness for the days of youth? Is it really because of those 6 packs and the late nights?

Or is it because it was so much fun?

What if the best part was the FEELING you got when you were constantly meeting new people, thinking about new ideas, and figuring out how to do things the way you wanted to do them?

What if the best part was the RUSH you got when learning who could help you out in a pinch, who was good at what, solving unexpected problems, and figuring out how to do things you hadn't done before.

If those were the fun parts, the good parts, the best parts, then maybe you can get those feelings back. 

Sales can be exactly like that.

In fact, when you think about it, relationship-based sales is pretty much by definition meeting new people, getting to know them, finding out what they need help with, and then figuring out how to solve those problems.

What are you doing to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone to meet new people?

What are you doing to make sales FUN?

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Julie O'Flaherty
Pricing and Product Specialist at cfm Distributors, Inc.

Julie grew up in Omaha and graduated from Creighton University. She has been with cfm since 2010. At cfm, Julie will help you with commercial replacement projects, new construction plan and spec jobs, and specialty equipment such as Bard packaged units, Reznor heaters, and other items large and small. Julie has lived in Kansas City for over 25 years, and enjoys live music, BBQ and hanging out with family and friends.