The pregnant pause; it's magical. 

Imagine this: you just went through an entire sales cycle with a customer. 

You generated the lead, discussed the project, did a needs analysis and then sent a proposal. The next day you followed up, handled a few objections, and now you’re ready for the close.

You assume the sale and ask, “when would you like to us to get started?” Then, there is silence. You could hear a pin drop.

What do you do?

You wait. You wait in silence. If you think the silence has been dragging on too long, you wait some more. If you talk next, you’re probably done.

What is happening during this silence? The customer is thinking.

The customer is literally talking themselves INTO buying what you're selling. Don’t distract them. 

Instead, wait. 

Wait some more. Give them as much time as they need. 

The silence might feel uncomfortable. But remember, the customer is TRYING to buy your product or service right now.

You should be grinning ear to ear, just WAITING for the customer to pull the trigger.

The SECOND you break the silence, you risk losing the sale. 

Normally when you break the silence, you try to start selling again. But the customer might think of another objection, stall or diversion. DON'T fall into this trap. 

If the customer DOES bring up an objection during the silence, handle it. Squash it like a bug, then...SILENCE.

DON’T use the closing statement again. DON’T mention any more features or benefits. Just handle the objection with a statement. Then back to silence. You are already in the close, the customer is just clarifying a detail.

If you try to start selling again, you’re done. You’re finished. It’s over. 

Just wait. In silence. Until your customer approves the order.

Silence is GOLDEN.

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Brad Telker
Vice President of Commercial Sales at cfm Distributors, Inc.

Brad joined the cfm team in 2006, and now as the Vice President of Commercial Sales, he focuses on business development, as well as helping contractors and engineers find creative and unique solutions to any size HVAC project. When he’s not at work, Brad enjoys photography, running and spending time with his family.