Swiping thru my instagram stories I came across some great sales process advice from Dylan Hey, founder of Hey Digital and host of The Social Media Growth Show podcast.

TIP: As you wrap up the discovery phase of the sales process, schedule an appointment with your customer to go over the proposal once it's ready.

Dylan Hey's Instagram bio

Dylan Hey's Instagram bio


First of all, not every type of business or sale can use this system. If your sales are very fast and transactional, this probably won't work. 


For bigger and more complex deals, this step could be a game changer. If you can get your customer on the phone DURING the proposal stage, you can discuss the proposal in real time, handle objections and then hopefully close the deal. All on the same call.

If you wait too long to follow up, you might never get your customer back on the phone. Or by the time you DO, the sale is already lost. 

Set up an appointment with your customer to discuss the proposal and you will dramatically increase your close rate. 

Oh, and please thank Dylan Hey for the tip. You can find him on instagram at @dylan_hey!

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