My wife and I recently purchased a workout machine for our basement. It’s a cable style machine and has worked really well. But every couple of months, one of the cables starts rubbing on a pulley, which increases the resistance and starts to disintegrate the cable. It’s a nuisance today. Over time it will fail.

Twice now we have called in the manufacturer to fix the issue under warranty. Both times they’ve come out and replaced the cable. The second time they replaced the pulley system too.

Now it’s happening a 3rd time, although not as bad anymore. We can live with it. But we’re not completely satisfied.

This is when the manufacturer might think about our situation and tell themselves “no news is good news!"

Sometimes that is the case. But a lot of people can live with being mildly happy. The mildly happy customers might stop calling you to complain, but they will also stop giving referrals. In fact, they may even deter buyers.

So here is your call to action this week: go call all of your customers that you’ve recently sold jobs to and haven’t heard back. And start with all the jobs that you know had issues on them.

This might seem counterintuitive, but I promise you that if there is a problem, it won’t go away. Plus you might get another opportunity. But either way, it’s just the right thing to do.

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Brad Telker
Vice President, Applied Systems Group at cfm Distributors, Inc.

Brad joined the cfm team in 2006, and now as the Vice President of the Applied Systems Group, he focuses on business development, as well as helping contractors and engineers find creative and unique solutions to any size HVAC project. When he’s not at work, Brad enjoys reading, running and spending time with his family.