Is it realistic to NEVER give a discount? In B2B business, almost every transaction is negotiable.

But with a few strategies and tactics set up, you should be able to give less discounts and increase your bottom line.

Here are 6 ways to avoid giving discounts during the close. 

Define your ideal customer

When you can CLEARLY define who your ideal...

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There are HUNDREDS of books on "how to close the sale". Many of them discuss tactics that work well, depending on your business and industry. 

Some talk about relentless follow up. Some talk about assuming the sale, the trial close, or the inventory close. 

Buyers, though, are catching on to these tactics. And if you try to use one on a savvy buyer, you’re dead in the water. And it makes you look unprofessional. 

After reading "SPIN Selling" by Neil Rackham, a new style of closing emerges; a style of closing that doesn’t...


One of the first things I do after buying a new car is get the windows tinted. It keeps your car cool in the summer, and I enjoy the extra privacy.

Last time I had my windows tinted I learned a lesson on closing a sale after getting the dreaded "I need to get two more bids" objection.

The day after I bought my car, I looked up "window tinting" online, and found a few places to choose from. One of them was on my way home from work, so I decided to stop by.

When I walked into the store, the receptionist, who was also the salesperson, greeted me, and then asked...


The pregnant pause; it's magical. 

Imagine this: you just went through an entire sales cycle with a customer. 

You generated the lead, discussed the project, did a needs analysis, then sent a proposal. The next day you followed up, handled a few objections, and now you’re ready for the close.

You assume the sale and ask, “when would you like to us to go ahead and get started?”. Then, there is silence. You could hear a pin drop.

What do you do?

You wait. You wait in silence. If you think the silence...


Pretty much from day one I was taught that one of THE most important aspects of sales is to build strong relationships with your customers and prospects. And I think building solid relationships is still VERY important, especially in a complex selling environment. But in their book "The Challenger Sale", Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson reveal research that yields some eye-opening results.

In their study, Dixon and Adamson broke down the sales styles of the most successful salespeople into FIVE distinct profiles....

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